About Shibuya®


The unique feature of SHIBUYA® Company is its in-house researching, designing, producing and promoting Diamond Core Drilling Machines. This integrated in-house system has enabled the company to optimize overall improvement activities which lead to specializing in the field and meeting with clients’ needs and expectations.

Since 1969, Shibuya® has accumulated the know-how of cutting concrete, steel rebar, stones, and other building materials to share with clients worldwide. Solutions that can make clients’ jobs done safer, easier, faster and better. Now, Shibuya® Diamond Core Drilling Machines are used in more than 30 countries. Shibuya aspires to keep updating the construction industry worldwide standard.

R & D Team

Shibuya do use their machines and tools actually by themselves to see what is the real tasks and problems of making holes on concretes in any directions.


Every Shibuya complete product is assembled by Shibuya artisans. To meet with every single client’s needs, they carry throughout the hand craftsmanship, rather not go for the automated mass production. The artisans are always thinking about how to bring higher customer satisfaction with owning and using Shibuya products while making them.


Shibuya does use their machines and tools actually by themselves to see what is the real tasks and problems of making holes on concretes in any directions. Moreover, all complete core drilling machines are tested by third parties such as TÜV to ensure the safety of operators. They are testing both machines every day to improve the quality of the machines. It is a continuous process.


Shibuya takes extra care of the products’ quality control. The way they are doing it is just like a Japanese car manufacturer, Shibuya is adapting the same procedure of quality control. Most of Shibuya customers are very satisfied with the reliability and durability of Shibuya products. Each Shibuya complete product has a serial number. The serial number provides a perfect traceability. By just informing us of the number we know when and who made the product so that we can offer you good after-sales services.


Everything starts from an idea. Communications and discussions among the engineers make the ideas more concrete and sophisticated. From rough drawings on scratch papers, Shibuya is utilizing 3 dimensional CAD and structural analysis on computers to design and test machines and tools.

Product Features

Demands from clients have often contradicted with engineering possibilities. However, Shibuya has made every effort to knuckle down to achieve them.


Demands from clients have often contradicted with engineering possibilities. However, Shibuya has made every effort to knuckle down to achieve them. The keyword is “NO COMPROMISE” believing that we can overcome the difficulties without sacrificing anything.

High Durability With Light Weight

Utilizing advanced molding technology, pressurized die-casting and plastic injection reduced external parts’ weight. To reduce the weight inside the gearbox, holes are drilled in every possible gear, the slip discs for the clutch are relocated at the recess of gear, and the spindle shaft has a hollow structure. All these weight reductions can be achieved without sacrificing any durability. 40 years of experience in making diamond core drilling machines have made all these possible.

High Power From Small Sized Motor

Many have asked us, why is Shibuya Core Drill Machine use low power, does it have what it takes to do a proper coring works?

The concept of power is often misunderstood. It is often assumed that the value of rated input power is the actual power produced. But is wrong. The amount of torque at the spindle is the most important. To get more spindle torque, both the friction and moments of inertia are created through the weight of the moving parts. In the new concept of drill motors, the reduction in weight of cooling fan and gearwheels has raised the revolution speed of armature. This allows us to increase the reduction ratio. The torque of the SHIBUYA® machine with 1500W is much more than China Machine with 3300W or even higher!

Low power also ensures the motor will operate efficiently on all sites and domestic power supplies. The surplus power is used as a safety margin to extend the life of armature.

That is why if SHIBUYA® machine is taken care of well, the armature and coil can be used for a long time.

Hybrid Column

This leads to the development of a new type of column called the Hybrid Column: Outer Layer made of steel, inner layer made of aluminum steel has high durability against wear, metal guide rollers can be used for the carriage. Metal guide rollers offer more rigidity than plastic rollers or plastic sliding plates. Steel has also decreased the oscillation caused by vibration from the core bit. The aluminum inner core has increased strength, stability and at the same time reduce weight.

Carriage Block

The motor’s carriage block runs on durable steel rollers as opposed to the friction plates used in the old models. Reduce drag, abrasion and wear on the carriage block and column while benefiting from smoother feeds and higher rigidity.


Less Noise With High Cooling Capacity

The noise level achieved with these models is 84db(A) at no load. At this level, the cutting sounds from the core-bit will often exceed the sounds of the motor. Not only has the noise level been reduced, but the actual tone of the motor is also tuned. To achieve 84db(A) with ‘No compromise’ to the cooling capacity, a new design plastic cooling fan is used and the opening for Advanced plastic injection technology has made it possible to design the inside of the motor enclosure to direct all available air to the components that must be kept cool. the air inlet is enlarged. All gears used are helical to add strength and to minimize gear noise.Well, known competitor Core Drill Machine has a noise level of 105db(A). A difference of 20db means four times louder.

Water Resistant

The motor ventilation system is designed to prevent water from flowing inside the motor with effective air cooling capacity.

Drill Stand

You have a choice to choose between angle stand or fixed stand: Rotate the core drill on its base up to 45 degrees angled drilling. Gain precise control of the angle with the built-in angle gauge on the base secure the column at the desired angle with a simple turn of a wrench.

Feed Handle

Move the feed handle on the right or left side with ease to accommodate different working conditions. No tools necessary.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve swivels 360 degrees to allow easy water hose connection even in the tightest workplaces.

Circuit Protector

The circuit protector is conveniently located on the drill and features motor overload protection.


PRCD cuts off the electricity when it detects electric leakage.